My blog is the most sporadic piece of fun and creation. And I love everything about it.

any of my followers or anyone who reads this social work majors with a masters degree who live over seas (England, Ireland, South Africa are the places I’m most interested in but I’m willing to hear from EVERYONE).

I’m wondering a few things:

what the job market looks like where you are? Are social workers in high demand?

What are some of the most popular fields of social work where you are?

is there a licence exam needed?

What is the area you live in like for an American? are we welcomed or frowned upon

What is the area like from the perspective of someone who has lived there a long time?

and really I’m willing to hear about all experiences in social work, finding a job, culture and atmosphere and general love for what you do. 

My current interest in social work involve working with youth- Mainly at risk youth, Medical social work (still mostly working with youth), working with young women and men with eating disorders (but I know that one is oddly specific and harder to find work within).

Thank you to all who read this and help me out. if you have a story or advice please feel free to send me a tumblr message. thank you!!