My blog is the most sporadic piece of fun and creation. And I love everything about it.

So  that whole thing about making and selling jewelry I always say I’m going to do.. Well i’m really going to do it this time. And this time with a cause.

I’m going to have an organization for each color theme of jewelry. For example. if someone buys something that is pink a part of the proceeds will do to breast cancer awareness. And things like that. I have started making a list of what colors or piece of jewelry will go to each organization that I support. 

Since I am just starting out there will be a mixture of embroidery floss bracelets, hemp and bead keychains, and wire, bead and leather earrings and bracelets. 

As I improve in my skills I will add many more things to the list of pieces I am selling. 

I will keep tabs of everything and at the end of the months I will donate the money earned to the respective organizations that they belong to. 

Once I get all of the samples made I will start making post about them and a place online to view and order them. 

I hope people become as excited about this as I am. I cannot wait to get started. And I’m glad it will be something I can stick to doing even with the amount of time school will take up!